Friday, January 8, 2010

The Story So Far..

So we had the fantastic idea of opening an eco-friendly, fair trade gift shop.

We searched high and low for premises and eventually settled on the Market Yard in Boyle, within sight (if you stand on a box) of the River Boyle...

We hunted high and low for the best 'green' products we could find to sell on to the unsuspecting folk of Boyle.

We were very specific about what we would sell. If it was hand crafted, then it had to have been made by someone local or if not, then by someone who was part of an ethical trading project so they would receive a fair price for their work. If it was food, then it had to be suitable for vegetarians, organic or branded Fair Trade. If it was toiletries, everything had to be natural, biodegradable and cruelty-free. If it was stationery, then everything had to be recycled and recyclable. All our packaging had to fit into this ethos, too. And of course, so did our huge array of healing crystals and associated ephemera.

We stacked the shelves high and opened the doors on October 17th 2009.

First , there were the worst floods in 800 years (we escaped, but only just!) and more recently, sub-zero temperatures and the worst snow and ice in living memory...

But we're still here! Our winter hours are likely
to be very erratic while the bad weather continues, but we'll do our best to
get to Boyle and open up the shop. We're going to be closed, as always
on Sundays and Mondays, and then open from about 11am until 4pm the other
days, weather permitting.

Call us on 071 9664090 if you need to know more.